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Wil Fry

17 May

Here’s the scenario: graff artist Kidult sprayed the word “Art” on the shopfront of Marc Jacobs Soho store last Tuesday. Marc Jacobs then capitalised on the incident by printing up a t-shirt commemorating Kidult’s handiwork for the exorbitant sum of $689. Somewhat pissed off at Marc Jacobs having the last laugh, Kidult took to Twitter to denounce the co-opting of his “art”, by tweeting: “”SHAME on you, YOU COPY @therealkidult to make money with it, capitalist thieve.” But the fashion war isn’t over! Tumblr Wilfry (Wil Fry, a Canberra local now based in New York) has flipped the feud on both parties by┬ámaking his own tee printed with the Marc Jacobs version (oh-so meta!) and is only charging a princely $35 a pop for his take. That’s how you make it in America. Nice work brother!

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