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25 Oct

Are you a font or typeface geek? How about a car lover? Well, Chromeography is your new porn. Curated by Stephen Coles, Chromeography is a celebration of vintage car and appliance badges — those unsung metal emblems and badges that are overlooked, forgotten, damaged, lost to time or the dump. Chromeography features photos from Cole, car lovers and typeface geeks alike. Featuring Roman script, sans, serif, slab, swash, condensed, extended, baseline connections, underlines, italics – all set against vintage textures. It’s enough to get your design engine running.

[via Lifelounge]


Lisa T

18 Jul

Lisa Twomey (Lisa T) is a Canberra-based artist, fashion designer and stylist. Her look is original. It is inimitable. It is post-modern neo-raphaelite cherub. Lisa designs and makes her own clothes from her large collection of vintage pieces and trinkets. She has been involved in numerous indie group shows, is responsible for some of Canberra’s most notable street/bar art, has won the Sportsgirl Superstylist competition, and interned at Romance Was Born. Basically, she’s a compulsive creative. Check some of her pieces below and be sure to scope out her blog for more. This girl is one to watch.

This is Coffee! A ‘Mad Men’ Era Ode to Coffee

13 Jun

This rather splendid Mad-Men-era short film, produced by Vision Associates in 1961 as promotional material for the Coffee Brewing Institute, traces the art and culture of coffee from its harvesting and production to its many traditions of preparation. Get yourself a brew, sit back and soak it in.

[via Brainpickings]

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