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Kanye West Drops “Black Skinhead” Video As Kate Middleton Goes Into Labour (That’s How You Watch The Throne)

22 Jul


As news broke that Kate Middleton was in labour and the Royal baby was on its way, Kanye West went on Twitter and officially launched the highly anticipated video for “Black Skinhead”, the first single off his album Yeezus. Talk about watching the throne. You can view the video here. The video was produced by Kanye’s creative production house, DONDA and was directed by Nick Knight. The video includes an interactive component that allows viewers to adjust the motion speed and corresponding sound. The video also allows viewers to capture screenshots (as above) throughout.



SAFIA Music Video – ‘Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues’

21 Jul

So, a little while ago, I pasted up the latest single from Australian electric indie three piece SAFIA, “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues”. The track is a lush marriage of divine vocals, lo-fi keyboard strokes and a drop of glitchy beats. SAFIA have now released the accompanying video and, thankfully, the production value is just as high as the track it promotes. The lads enlisted the help of director Jimmy Ennett who also shot and edited the vid which uses vide0 projection techniques in the sort of slick and innovative manner that makes you quietly think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Misty city streetscapes rush by as footage of SAFIA is projected onto shopfronts, street curbs and fences. It’s moody as all get out and complements the track rather neatly. Watch.

The Symphony Of Coffee Preparation in Digital Cinematic Sound

7 Jul

Lovers of coffee will know that it’s not just the beverage that matters, but also its preparation. There is a beauty in the brewing process – from the grind to the pour. One aspect of coffee preparation that often gets overlooked is the sound (and I’m not talking about the whistle of a steam wand). Diego Stocco is a sound designer and foley artist who has worked on both Sherlock Holmes films as well as games in the Assassin’s Creed series. Er, so what’s a “foley artist”? Well, they are the people responsible for the reproduction of everyday sound effects which are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films and TV shows. So, paying attention to sound comes naturally to Stocco. Using custom built water-proof microphones and some Hollywood-grade sound gear, Stocco recorded the sounds of his morning cup of coffee – and the results are satisfyingly cinematic and dramatic! You can see more of Stocco’s sound wizardry here.

Still Doing It: The 25th Anniversary of Nike’s “Just Do It” Advertising Slogan

3 Jul


Twenty five years ago this month, the first Nike “Just Do It” commercial created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, featuring 80-year-old Walt Stack, aired on television. AdWeek have a tremendous article on the iconic slogan which questions whether it would it would make the cut in today’s frenetic data driven marketing landscape:

When 80-year-old Walt Stack jogged across the Golden Gate Bridge in Nike’s first “Just do it” spot, chatting about his daily 17-mile run and joking that he kept his teeth from chattering in winter by leaving them in his locker, we lived in a more homogenous media world. At the time it seemed complex and cluttered, with some cable systems sporting 100 or more channels, and the recently launched Fox network broadening the broadcast funnel by 25 percent. All that was small potatoes, however, compared to today’s ever-expanding digital/mobile/shareable/wearable mega-sphere, which has turned each consumer into his or her own media production and distribution channel, and to a large extent—despite the vaunted “social” nature of it all—isolated us instead of bringing us together.

Back in ’88, a news image, song lyric, sitcom catchphrase or advertising slogan could spring to life in a way that’s nearly impossible with today’s media fragmentation. Modern content may be “snackable,” but for the most part it doesn’t stick to the ribs. Most of the lists, memes and apps are quickly, often instantly, discarded. Ideas have no time to build the momentum or gain the traction needed to become ubiquitous or, like “Just do it,” beloved.

The “big idea” is, of course, a marketing cliche. It’s considered old-school and somewhat outmoded, frequently derided by today’s data-driven practitioners. That’s a shame. Big ideas are, first and foremost, big. From a brand standpoint, they add rather than subtract, lending weight and substance to campaigns that can become unfocused and diluted by too many moving parts. Big ideas strengthen individual executions and provide platforms that make campaigns more than the sum of their parts.

Watch the first ever “Just Do It” commercial below:

Notably, Dan Wieden who came up with the slogan got inspiration from an unlikely source: Gary Gilmore, an American who gained notoriety for being executed by firing squad in 1977. Wieden tells the story in the video below. The other video is a fantastic excerpt from the documentary Art and Copy which shows the cultural impact of the “Just Do It” slogan.

[via Wieden + Kennedy]

Wheels & Waves

13 Jun

Cafe Racers, road trips, leather, winter landscapes… What’s not to love?

Lorde – “Royals”

4 Jun

So, Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, has been getting air play in Australia for some time now. The 16-year-old from the North Shore of New Zealand has been endorsed by everyone from Grimes to, er, Perez Hilton, so the pretension that Lorde is new or has just been discovered is plain wrong. However, until recently, there were no videos, no press releases, no photos. That changed three weeks ago when the video for “Royals” was released. As expected, it’s slick. Directed by Joel Kefali, it’s minimalist approach, perfect framing and depiction of suburban ennui is the perfect visual accompaniment to Lorde’s lo-fi pop.

How To Make Sizzler Cheese Toast

4 Jun

Growing up, going to Sizzler was an epic treat. The excitement of lining up for a table, the guilty pleasure of eating trans fats and the embarrassment of realising in that awkward social setting that my family was not normal. Fond memories. Apart from the all-you-can-eat dessert bar, my favourite thing was the Sizzler cheese toast: crispy-yet-soft, moist-yet-crunchy. Until now, I thought this delicacy was lost to a mere childhood memory but, thankfully, Greg’s Kitchen has provided a DIY version of the Sizzler staple. Watch the video above, get your bake on and enjoy the crispy-yet-soft goodness.

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