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COY – Launch Party

11 Dec

On Friday 13 December, young Canberra designer Pat Rose is launching his new clothing label, Coy. The artists, musicians and creative vagabonds involved reads like a veritable buffet bar of Canberra cool.  “Off the chain” seems mild in describing this thing. Check the website for more details – but before you do that, be sure to watch a video of a girl eating chicken… Kids these days.



Wil Fry

17 May

Here’s the scenario: graff artist Kidult sprayed the word “Art” on the shopfront of Marc Jacobs Soho store last Tuesday. Marc Jacobs then capitalised on the incident by printing up a t-shirt commemorating Kidult’s handiwork for the exorbitant sum of $689. Somewhat pissed off at Marc Jacobs having the last laugh, Kidult took to Twitter to denounce the co-opting of his “art”, by tweeting: “”SHAME on you, YOU COPY @therealkidult to make money with it, capitalist thieve.” But the fashion war isn’t over! Tumblr Wilfry (Wil Fry, a Canberra local now based in New York) has flipped the feud on both parties by making his own tee printed with the Marc Jacobs version (oh-so meta!) and is only charging a princely $35 a pop for his take. That’s how you make it in America. Nice work brother!

The Evolution of the T-Shirt

18 Aug


Writing about Fall Fashion in a recent issue of New York Magazine, Hugo Lindgren has a great piece about the evolution of everyone’s favourite fashion accessory: the humble T-Shirt.

In Paleolithic times, the T-shirt was a humble tool, worn beneath a shirt, to absorb perspiration. But ever since James Dean started wearing one without anything on top, it morphed into a form of personal advertising, a movable billboard. Even Dean’s plain white shirt conveyed a powerful message, which was, You can’t tell me who to be, a declaration that has never gone out of style.

 The greatest breakthrough of the last decade was when American Apparel, under the direction of its free-loving founder Dov Charney, turned the fit of a T-shirt into a message. Never mind the graphics or slogans. The message was you—your body thrust out there into the world, shrink-wrapped in every conceivable color. American Apparel remains powerful and ubiquitous in the T-shirt world, but the trends have gotten subtler and more introverted. In the same way that various art movements become hermetic and end up addressing the nature of art itself, today’s cutting-edge T-shirt is all about the T-shirt. Comfort…is the golden principle, but it gets way more complicated than that. Because comfort isn’t simply a matter of how a shirt feels; it is also a matter of how you feel about the shirt. And designers are constantly trying to figure out how to game that relationship with science and technology. Just as denim designers have been doing for years, T-shirt makers are introducing artful imperfections in an effort to turn a commodity into something personal and familiar.

Read the full article here.

“Weapon of Art” T-Shirt by Alphanumeric

4 Feb


I want Alphanumeric’s newly released “Weapon Of Art” T-shirt! The AK-47 is made up of instruments used in graphic design.

Alphanumeric's "Weapon of Art" T-Shirt

[via High Snobiety]

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