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The 2013 Movie Trailer Mash Up

10 Dec

 So, as the title suggests, here is a mash up of movies from 2013 condensed into 6 minutes and 45 seconds of viewing pleasure. See something that takes your fancy? Check out the full list of movies.



28 Jun


Wikipedia defines an “intertitle” thusly: In motion pictures, an intertitle (also known as a title card) is a piece of filmed, printed text edited into the midst of (i.e. inter-) the photographed action at various points, generally to convey character dialogue (“dialogue intertitles”), or descriptive narrative material related to, but not necessarily covered by, the material photographed (“expository inter titles”). Intertitles is also the name of a Tumblr that contains an extensive catalogue of title cards from contemporary and classic films. It is a design freak and film geeks delight. If you’re into film or a font geek, it’s for you.




The Year in Culture 2012

3 Dec


It’s that time of the year when we look back and take stock of the year that was. The culturati over at New York Magazine have put together their annual “Year in Culture” issue.  They curate the most gripping, unexpected, head-scratching, and lovely moments in the arts over the past twelve months, then unveil their top-ten lists in Movies, Television, Music, Theater, Books, and Channing Tatum, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the other standouts of 2012. It’s one of my favourite lists, so get over to NY Mag to take a look back at what made our year.

The History of Film: An Infographic

30 Oct

The History of Film is an infographic created by award winning designer, Larry Gormley. The infographic, from HistoryShots, showcases the 2,000 “most important films” of all time are mapped by genre and release date spanning 100 years.  The films selected to be included have: won important awards such as the best picture Academy Award; achieved critical acclaim according to recognized film critics; are considered to be key genre films by experts; and/or attained box office success. It’s a handy tool to view the trends in film and the cycles in genre popularity. You can click and zoom in on the info graphic at The History of Film.

Using Your Smartphone in the Cinema? Don’t!

18 Jul

There has been a long-raging debate on the topic of texting in theatres. Cinephiles are adamantly against the idea of pulling out your smartphone while watching a film, while those people with a severe case of FOMO don’t blink at the idea of in-cinema texting or tweeting. In his latest piece for The Wrap, Chris Davison has suggested one possible compromise between the two sides: segment your audience and designate screenings as either “texting” or “non-texting”.

This suggestion has caught the ire of Tim League, owner of the Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain. He has written an open letter stating why texting should never be allowed in cinemas. His argument breaks down to three points:

1. Texting is rude to the film creators.  It is a slap in the face to every single creative professional who poured their lives into creating the film.
2. The notion that all teenagers and twenty-somethings can’t sit two hours without texting is condescending.
3. Texting is rude to everyone around you.
“The only answer to this debate,” says League, “is taking a hard line.  Texting and talking can not be allowed in movie theatres”.
I concur. Leave the phone in your pocket and save the text or tweet for post film. Or, hey, have the courtesy to get up and type your text in the lobby

Famous Objects From Classic Movies

10 Mar

Okay – so the gist of Famous Objects From Classic Movies is pretty simple. See a famous object taken out of context from a famous movie – now name the movie. The design is minimalist and the gameplay is like crack: addictive. Go play!

The Other 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

6 Jan

Even more movie insults! You can view the first instalment of this series here.

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