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“Limitless” – By Sofles, DJ Butcher and Selina Miles

27 Nov

In the highly anticipated follow up collaboration to Infinite (released earlier this year), Australian graff artist Sofles has dropped his new vid, Limitless. Filmed and edited by Selina Miles and featuring music from DJ Butcher, the video is a jaw-dropping, hyperkinetic and artful time lapse through a warehouse in which Sofles gets up. If you don’t like graff mixed with some EDM, then EAD. Because this is amazing.


Limitless – Trailer

17 Dec

If there were a pill that could make you smart, rich and powerful, the best that you could be, would you take it? This is the premise of Neil Burger’s latest film, Limitless. Starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Australia’s Abbie Cornish, this looks a like a pretty slick thriller. Scope out the trailer above.

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