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The History of Film: An Infographic

30 Oct

The History of Film is an infographic created by award winning designer, Larry Gormley. The infographic, from HistoryShots, showcases the 2,000 “most important films” of all time are mapped by genre and release date spanning 100 years.  The films selected to be included have: won important awards such as the best picture Academy Award; achieved critical acclaim according to recognized film critics; are considered to be key genre films by experts; and/or attained box office success. It’s a handy tool to view the trends in film and the cycles in genre popularity. You can click and zoom in on the info graphic at The History of Film.


The Rise and Fall of Online Empires: An Infographic

23 Mar

The Rise and Fall of Online Empires
Via: CenturyLinkQuote.com

Food for thought.

Icons of the Web – An Infographic

27 Aug

So this is an infographic of the 288,945 most popular sites on the internet. It was created by using a web script to scrape the favicons of the world’s most popular websites, as ranked by Alexa. Now that all sounds a little complicated – but basically, those favicons were scaled according to the amount of traffic that site gets and then depicted in the infographic above. The largest icon is, of course, Google, which is 11,936 square pixels. The whole diagram is 37,440 square pixels. You can learn more about the method from the peeps at Nmap.

[via Co.Design]

Inception – Love It or Hate It

11 Aug

Inception. Love it or hate it – it’s part of the pop-cultural conversation. Personally, I loved it (even watched it twice!). My favourite interpretation of the film comes from Bilge Ebiri in New York Magazine:

Inception’s titular concept is the placement of an idea into a character’s subconscious — a notion that the film presents as being more or less unprecedented. And the plot mostly concerns the efforts of our heroes, led by master dream extractor Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) to somehow convince Fischer (Cillian Murphy), the heir to a major energy titan, to split up his father’s empire, without realizing that the idea came from them. But since this is a Christopher Nolan movie, we’re not convinced it’s all that simple; the director’s films almost always turn in on themselves. We think there might be another inception going on in Inception.

Read Ebiri’s full article here.

The plot of the contemporary sci-fi actioner has also inspired some pretty cool infographics. Love it or hate it, take your pick from the infographics below!

[via Dehas]

[via fastcodesign]

Coles vs Woolworths: An Infographic

11 Mar

Australias “Big Two” supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles are a $100 billion a year duopoly with a retail market share unmatched in the developed world. And they have their fingers in a lot of other pies too. Here is a great infographic animation from ABC television’s Hungry Beast.

Iran: A nation of bloggers

27 Nov

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

Woah! Four international students from Vancouver Film School‘s Digital Design department (Aaron Chiesa, Hendy Sukarya, Lisa Temes and Toru Kageyama) created this infographic entitled “Iran: A nation of bloggers” for their final term 3 project. From a script written by Kate Tremills, the short film highlights the cultural importance/relevance of blogging as an agent of change in Iran. The animation is uber-clean and sits perfectly with the matter-of-fact voiceover.

[via Motionographer]

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