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Jay-Z’s 99 Problems – Illustrated by Ali Graham

14 Jul


“99 Problems” was the third single released by Jay-Z off The Black Album in 2004. In the wanky parlance of music criticism, the track is “seminal” and has become ingrained in popular culture through various memes. Enter artist Ali Graham who has (with a strange sense of inevitability) created a series of  charming cartoons that imagine what Jay-Z’s 99 problems may be. Graham publishes one cartoon each day to his 99 Problems Tumblr  and is currently at problem number 43.





Eugene Mulipola

13 Feb

Eugene Mulipola

When he’s not playing rugby, hitting the gym or talking hip hop, Canberra-based artist Eugene Mulipola is perfecting his craft. Give the guy a canvas or a blank sheet of paper and magic happens. His work uses a mix of media, from small scale pencil illustration to mural size acrylic paintings. Mulipola’s work combines street credibility with fashion sensibility; he manages to strike a balance between the soft elegance of fashion illustration and the gritty flavour of hip hop culture. His female figures (reminiscent of the equally amazing Kelly Smith) belong in Frankie or Yen – hell – if those publications play their cards right, you may see them sooner than you think. You can scope more of Mulipola’s work on Instagram.

Eugene Mulipola

Eugene Mulipola


Eugene Mulipola


Gotye – Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver

25 Oct

Trust Australian animation studio Rubber House to come up with the goods. For Gotye‘s track, ‘Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver’, from the album Like Drawing Blood, Rubber House have crafted a beautiful video.  Based in Melbourne and Sydney and run by directing-duo Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon, Rubber House keeps it old school and creates hand-drawn animation for commercials, music videos, childrens’ series and games, for people like Warner Brothers and the Cartoon Network. This video is mesmerising and manifests a childlike dread that captivates you.

Paul White

12 Sep

The work of Australian artist Paul White focuses on the derelict beauty of vehicles found in scrapyards. Using pencil, White renders old, dormant cars and planes detailing their rich textures while hinting at their unique history. Take a look at some of his illustrations and be sure to watch the insightful video below where Paul talks about his work and travels it takes him on.

[via Visual News]

Disney Characters Reimagined as Fashion Catwalk Models

2 Aug

There is something fun about seeing movie or cartoon characters out of context. Russian illustrator and fashion lover Sashii-Kami has taken various Disney characters and reimagined them as fashion runway models. Nice.

[via Design Taxi]

Fab Ciraolo

3 Jul

Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo uses pop culture as his buffet bar. Fashion, childhood nostalgia, celebrity and the cosmos fuse into a wonderful visual cocktail. The vibe is vintage with a splash of now, creating an unexpected warmth and depth. In this series of illustrations cultural icons such as Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are re-imagined as present-day hipsters. Love.

Jessica Cochrane vs La De Da

30 Apr

A wallflower is commonly defined as a person who has no one to dance with or who feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party. Alcohol is generally a good tonic for such an affliction. Notably, alcohol is served in bars. Which, conveniently, brings me to Canberra-based designer Jessica Cochrane. Jess doesn’t just hang out in bars – she makes them look pretty. In fact, she just finished painting a large piece at Canberra bar, La De Da. Taking roughly 23 hours to produce, Jess was given free reign. And, to completely bastardise the  tagline of the 1988 Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail: when she reigns, she pours. The design is both fierce and warm, with five stylised female figures showcasing flourishes of make-you-look-twice detail (check the boobs, eyelashes and the pout on the lips). Oh yeah, and it plays with the theme of wallflower. Better buy those girls a drink.

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