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“Limitless” – By Sofles, DJ Butcher and Selina Miles

27 Nov

In the highly anticipated follow up collaboration to Infinite (released earlier this year), Australian graff artist Sofles has dropped his new vid, Limitless. Filmed and edited by Selina Miles and featuring music from DJ Butcher, the video is a jaw-dropping, hyperkinetic and artful time lapse through a warehouse in which Sofles gets up. If you don’t like graff mixed with some EDM, then EAD. Because this is amazing.



9 May

PR IMAGE 4 1000

UK-based street artist Hush has an exhibition of new paintings at the Corey Helford Gallery in California which celebrates the beauty of tagging, graffiti, and the female form.. “I look to take something like tagging that is generally seen as aggressive, ugly and masculine out of context and present it to the viewer as something beautiful,” says Hush. Check out a taster of some of the new work here.

PR IMAGES 3 1000


[via Juxtapoz]

Wil Fry

17 May

Here’s the scenario: graff artist Kidult sprayed the word “Art” on the shopfront of Marc Jacobs Soho store last Tuesday. Marc Jacobs then capitalised on the incident by printing up a t-shirt commemorating Kidult’s handiwork for the exorbitant sum of $689. Somewhat pissed off at Marc Jacobs having the last laugh, Kidult took to Twitter to denounce the co-opting of his “art”, by tweeting: “”SHAME on you, YOU COPY @therealkidult to make money with it, capitalist thieve.” But the fashion war isn’t over! Tumblr Wilfry (Wil Fry, a Canberra local now based in New York) has flipped the feud on both parties by making his own tee printed with the Marc Jacobs version (oh-so meta!) and is only charging a princely $35 a pop for his take. That’s how you make it in America. Nice work brother!

Big Bang Big Boom – Another Wall Painted Animation by Blu

7 Jul

Another epic stop motion graff from Blu. He’s outdone himself. Check some of his previous work here.

Anti-graffiti crew accidentally paints over Banksy art in Melbourne CBD

28 Apr

Melbourne Council has inadvertently painted over a priceless piece of CBD street art by world-famous stencil artist Banksy. Dickheads.

Read the full story here.

Graffiti Vending Machine

24 Apr

This is cool. Get your graff accessories in the same manner you get your drinks: via a vending machine…

[via Juice Magazine]

LED Spray Can

21 Aug

Halo LED spray

If you dig graff or light writing, you’ll love desinger Aïssa Logerot‘s latest project. Logerot has manufactured a fake aerosol can, called the Halo, which simply replaces the traditional nozzle with a tiny LED.  The Halo preserves the techniques and gestures of graffiti and transfers them to light writing. It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the LED to change the graffiti’s styles. If the light doesn’t have enough battery, users simply have to shake it to have energy again.

Halo LED Spray 2

Turn off the lights and get busy!

[via Cool Hunting]

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