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“Limitless” – By Sofles, DJ Butcher and Selina Miles

27 Nov

In the highly anticipated follow up collaboration to Infinite (released earlier this year), Australian graff artist Sofles has dropped his new vid, Limitless. Filmed and edited by Selina Miles and featuring music from DJ Butcher, the video is a jaw-dropping, hyperkinetic and artful time lapse through a warehouse in which Sofles gets up. If you don’t like graff mixed with some EDM, then EAD. Because this is amazing.


M4SONIC – Virus

6 Dec


M4SONIC – pronounced M. Four. Sonic. – a 20 year-old EDM producer from Australia has dropped a new video: a live original using two Novation Launchpads in User 1 mode. The two MIDI controllers are playing original samples in a sequence to create the sound. The right hand controls most of the tuneful sounds whilst the left hand is responsible for keeping in time, playing a custom drum kit and various FX and vocal loops. What you witness is a guy performing live what takes weeks to do in studios with the type of precision required of a pianist, but on 128 keys instead of 88. Shit. Just. Got. Real. Watch M4SONIC’s ‘Virus’ video below:

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