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Ordinary Problems: An Exhibition of Drawing

12 May


A collective of up and coming Canberra-based artists are finalising preparations for a new exhibition of drawing on Thursday, 23 May at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space. Artists Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts, Clare Alexander Jackson, Sacha James Jeffrey and Chris Sutevski (each a student of visual art at the Australian National University) will showcase new work. The act of putting pen to parchment, from its most considered to its most organic, is fundamental to the creation and discovery of new thought. These artists draw to question and make sense of processes, emotional expression and contextual difficulties, tackling the ordinary problems that arise in their practice. See a taster of what to expect below, with some drawings by Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts.




Bonnie McArthur

20 Apr

Bonnie McArthur 1

Bonnie McArthur is an Australian artist based in Canberra. Her work is multidisciplinary and covers both painting, drawing and sculpture. Her portraits capture the beauty of imperfection through a brutal adherence to realism. Keep your eye on this girl – you can scope her website or keep up to date via her official Facebook page.

Bonnie McArthur 2

Bonnie McArthur 3

Bonnie McArthur 4

Paul White

12 Sep

The work of Australian artist Paul White focuses on the derelict beauty of vehicles found in scrapyards. Using pencil, White renders old, dormant cars and planes detailing their rich textures while hinting at their unique history. Take a look at some of his illustrations and be sure to watch the insightful video below where Paul talks about his work and travels it takes him on.

[via Visual News]

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