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1050.6(c) against Showtime by Scott Carthy

6 May


Director Scott Carthy has created this 7 minute gem documenting New York City’s renowned subway car performers. The subculture itself is in danger of extinction thanks to a trebling of arrests in a move to clean up the city. 1050.6(c) is the section of the New York Transit code that states panhandling and performing on trains is prohibited. There have been 256 convictions under the code since mid-March. Carthy spent two days befriending and documenting these subway performers, experiencing first-hand the perspective of both performer and audience – unexpectedly witnessing the remarkable cultural resonance they have in crafting the character of New York City. For me, this is street culture in its purest, most unadulterated form. We live in a fast culture where street movements no longer get to go unnoticed and grow organically. Rather, due largely to the internet and social media, they are unearthed and co-opted in a heartbeat by brands who try to sell them back to us. Watching Carthy’s documentary you see true hustle. Watch it now before Nike slap a swoosh on it and try to sell you sneakers.

If you like what you see, you can back Carthy’s Kickstarter campaign to make a full-length documentary.


Movement – “Feel Real”

4 Jun


Sydney three-piece Movement are the newest act on Modular. Smooth and sexy noir&B with a splash of steel drums.

Magnifik – “We Really Love This Song”

31 Jul

So, late last year, I gave you a taste of Magnifik, a project from Canberra-based DJ and musician Ashley Feraude. Well, shit just got real for Magnifik, cos earlier this month, Ash dropped the debut video for Magnifik’s “We Really Love This Song”. Directed by Felix Barbalet, the vid is a slick production and showcases some of Canberra’s nightlife. Enjoy!


23 Nov

Canberra-based DJ and musician Ashley Feraude has just dropped two new tracks under the guise of MagnifikMagnifik celebrates pop, from disco, the 80’s and onwards. This Single Man and the latest offering, Behaving Badly, are both thoughtful chilled-out tracks which have an undeniable infusion of summer. These are the type of tunes that make you want to sip a mojito while wearing moccasins with no socks. So, so good!

Listen to This Single Man here.

Listen to Behaving Badly here.

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