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A Brand Filmed 20 Strangers Kissing For The First Time: Gets 7 Million YouTube Views In One Day

12 Mar

Want 7 million YouTube views in one day? Go and film 20 strangers kissing each other. That’s what LA based fashion label Wren did.


Nike – “Make It Count”

11 Apr

Nike approached filmmaker Casey Neistat to interpret the brand’s new slogan ‘Make It Count.’ They threw him a lump sum of money with the expectation of a commercial movie. Neistat promptly took the money, cashed some plane tickets and travelled the world with his friend Max until the Nike funds ran out. He documented his 10-day expedition which included locations in France, Africa, South Africa, Singapore, and Thailand. The end result is an inspiring and (notably) authentic piece of brand narrative. Of course, Niestat kept on brief and can be seen wearing Nike’s latest product, the FuelBand. The FuelBand is a bracelet that is able to record daily activities like walking, jogging, or simply doing chores, to calculate the amount of energy used. So, is it a commercial or an inspiring call to action by a cheeky filmmaker that subverted corporate expectation? Maybe it’s both.

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