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Is This The End of Coffee and Avocados?

13 May

A new study warns that rising temperatures pose a serious threat to the global coffee market, potentially affecting livelihoods of small farmers and pushing up prices.

Also, avocados are likely to continue getting more and more expensive.



The Symphony Of Coffee Preparation in Digital Cinematic Sound

7 Jul

Lovers of coffee will know that it’s not just the beverage that matters, but also its preparation. There is a beauty in the brewing process – from the grind to the pour. One aspect of coffee preparation that often gets overlooked is the sound (and I’m not talking about the whistle of a steam wand). Diego Stocco is a sound designer and foley artist who has worked on both Sherlock Holmes films as well as games in the Assassin’s Creed series. Er, so what’s a “foley artist”? Well, they are the people responsible for the reproduction of everyday sound effects which are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films and TV shows. So, paying attention to sound comes naturally to Stocco. Using custom built water-proof microphones and some Hollywood-grade sound gear, Stocco recorded the sounds of his morning cup of coffee – and the results are satisfyingly cinematic and dramatic! You can see more of Stocco’s sound wizardry here.

This is Coffee! A ‘Mad Men’ Era Ode to Coffee

13 Jun

This rather splendid Mad-Men-era short film, produced by Vision Associates in 1961 as promotional material for the Coffee Brewing Institute, traces the art and culture of coffee from its harvesting and production to its many traditions of preparation. Get yourself a brew, sit back and soak it in.

[via Brainpickings]

Coffee price rise?

20 Jul

This news is just depressing:

Arabica coffee beans are what keep the cafes around Australia churning out $3 coffees, but that coffee could soon come with an extra jolt.

Wholesale coffee prices are higher now than ever before. And while the industry is absorbing the extra cost for now, consumers are being warned of a price shock to come.

Read the full article here.

Watch Al Pacino in the new Australian coffee commercial directed by Barry Levinson

14 Jul

Australian coffee brand Vittoria has launched a new print and television campaign with Al Pacino as the brand ambassador. Four television commercials were filmed by Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam) and feature Pacino talking about his relationship with coffee. They will be aired on television here in Australia this month. The print campaign was photographed by celebrity photographer Brigitte Lacombe. Vittoria is Australia’s No.1 pure coffee brand, and this campaign represents Pacino’s first ever product endorsement. Les Schirato, CEO of Vittoria Coffee, said in a media release: “We’re incredibly proud and honoured that Al Pacino has agreed to star in a commercial for Vittoria. The fact that Pacino is from an Italian migrant background – just like our family – makes him feel like a true ambassador for our brand.” Pacino’s stage and screen performances have always been caffienated and, thankfully, this endorsement deal is no sellout. Watch one of the spots below.

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