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The 2013 Movie Trailer Mash Up

10 Dec

 So, as the title suggests, here is a mash up of movies from 2013 condensed into 6 minutes and 45 seconds of viewing pleasure. See something that takes your fancy? Check out the full list of movies.


Was 2013 The Year of The Hipster…Again?

5 Dec


Kate Stoeffel over at The Cut notes that Tumblr has published their inaugural report of the Year in Review, defining the trends of 2013 by which hashtags were the most reblogged. According to Tumblr, the most popular fashion trend of 2013 is #hipster.

As Stoeffel notes in her piece, the use of hashtags on Tumblr (or Instagram for that matter) are a dubious indicator of relevance. Millennials use hashtags in the same manner that Brick Tamland uses the word “love” in the movie Anchorman: they apply them to anything. But, hey, #yolo, right?!

But “hipster”? Really? This seems like Groundhog Day. Says Stoeffel:

The persistence of#hipster might be the most perplexing 2013 trend, if only because the term is so seldom used within the fashion industry.

The long tyranny of hipster could support the thesis that the term has become so relative as to be meaningless — less a style than an accusation of trying too hard, lobbed by people who consider themselves above such effort. Which would suggest Tumblr’s been overrun by poseurs — no self-respecting hipster would use the #hipster hashtag.

Personally, I think it’s now safe to take “hipster” out of the term “hipster culture”. It’s just “culture” now. We’ve reached peak hipster. Calling someone a hipster is the pop-cultural equivalent of calling a pen a “biro”. Revel in your artisan coffee, your organic produce and your creative facial hair. I hope in 2014 the hashtagging bloggers and commentariat can just let it be and leave the labels at the door. #YeahRight

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