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Nastya Nudnik

8 Apr

Nastya Nudnik is a Kiev-based artist who, in her ’emoji nation’ series, blends classical art with the all too ubiquitous notifications of modern social media and digital culture. Far from a snide exercise in post-modern irony, the resulting images are a striking comment on themes of isolation and our cultures false sense of connectedness .



COY – Launch Party

11 Dec

On Friday 13 December, young Canberra designer Pat Rose is launching his new clothing label, Coy. The artists, musicians and creative vagabonds involved reads like a veritable buffet bar of Canberra cool.  “Off the chain” seems mild in describing this thing. Check the website for more details – but before you do that, be sure to watch a video of a girl eating chicken… Kids these days.


Mr X – A Short Film by Alex Nicholson

10 Dec

Mr X by Alex NicholsonDirector Alex Nicholson shot this darkly innovative short film featuring Duncan X, a tattoo artist from South London reminiscing about his life and work. It is visually arresting thanks to MPC Advertising‘s Motion Design Studio. Duncan begins the film reflectively discussing his experiences of life, drugs and existential views on the parallels between the human condition and tattooing. As his tattoos materialise and come to life, the subject matter becomes lighter and the viewer warms to him – his tattoos become part of his story, rather than the usual vehicle for judgment. It is beautiful – watch it below.

This Way Home By Luke Chiswell

10 Dec

Luke Chiswell

Following successful solo shows at Canberra Contemporary Art Space and Bondi Pavilion, Canberra artist Luke Chiswell shares his final show for the year, This Way Home. This latest exhibition sees Chiswell strip down his approach to art: gestures, sketches and collages on paper combine to create a body of work that captures a sense of drawing without a purpose. The result are pieces with a sense of joy, fun and surprising depth. If you’re in Canberra on Friday 13 December, get down to Lonsdale Street Roasters (7 Lonsdale Street, Canberra). Doors open at 5pm and will politely slam in your face at 11pm. So be there.

La De Da’s 2nd Birthday: Bring It

1 Dec


Over the last two years, La De Da has worked hard to curate and cultivate some of the best creative talent Canberra city has to offer, from fashion shows to art battles. For their 2nd birthday, they’ve wrapped it all together into a party popper and they want you to pull the string. It all kicks off at 8.30pm this Friday, 6 December. Sip a cocktail (I recommend their Amaretto Sour) and watch models sashay their way around the bar in local designer Mitch Thompson’s fine threads. But, you’ll probably want something to listen to. Well, La De Da will have you covered.

The Slow Motion Disco boys will there to provide some lush, well, like, you know, disco:


Ben WK of SAFIA will bring the soulful melodies…


And there aint no party like a hip hop party, so the Ansah Brothers will kick out some jams:


The Full Line Up and Set Times

Ashley Feraude Ft Liam Budge

Imogen & Baxter

Beat Architect – Cream Crops


Fashion Parade by Perpetually 5


Ansah Brothers

Blahnket + Beat Architects

Toggle ft Xavier Dunn

Sammy Soundslike

Next Movement MCs

Slow Motion Disco DJs

“Limitless” – By Sofles, DJ Butcher and Selina Miles

27 Nov

In the highly anticipated follow up collaboration to Infinite (released earlier this year), Australian graff artist Sofles has dropped his new vid, Limitless. Filmed and edited by Selina Miles and featuring music from DJ Butcher, the video is a jaw-dropping, hyperkinetic and artful time lapse through a warehouse in which Sofles gets up. If you don’t like graff mixed with some EDM, then EAD. Because this is amazing.

Rock & Roll Heaven: Portraits Of Iconic Musicians If They Were Still Alive

21 Nov

Kurt Cobain

Ever been at a party and bumped into an old high school buddy? You’re shocked because they look so different. So much…older. Your frame of reference for that person is stuck in some school yard somewhere and the disconnect between the person you remember and the person in front of you is jarring. That jarring sensation is the same feeling you get when looking at the portrait series Rock & Roll Heaven. In Rock & Roll Heaven, Sachs Media Group in collaboration with photo restoration and manipulation firm Phojoe, visualises what some of the best musicians in history who passed away too soon might look like if they were still alive today.


Jimi Hendrix


John Lennon

[via My Modern Met]

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