Luke Chiswell Launches Four New T-Shirts

23 May


Back in the day, a t-shirt was an item of function and was worn beneath a shirt to absorb perspiration. Then, after World War II, veterans started wearing them with their uniform trousers as casual attire because, well, fuck it, they’d fought a war and were some real-man Don Draper archetypes, so who are you to judge if they rocked short sleeves? Fast forward to 1951 and Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt on screen like he was doing it a favour in the film A Streetcar Named Desire. And then, like Will Smith said (when he was still cool) “tick, tick, boom!”  – a fashion staple was born. Nowadays we have an assortment of tees: crew, jersey, v, deep-v, tight, ironic, faded, faux-faded. But, my favourite t-shirt at the moment is the loose-fit tee. You know, the oversized kind you throw carelessly on the floor and wake up to find your girlfriend wearing as she stands in front you with a knowing smile in the morning light, all funky and warm with her hair a little knotty and tousled like she’s been at the beach. Yeah, those t-shirts are cool. Canberra designer Luke Chiswell makes those kind of t-shirts. And he has four new limited edition designs that will be on sale this Friday, 24 May at Hippo Bar. So, come for a drink, leave with a t-shirt.

What: Luke Chiswell Launching Four New T-shirts
Where: Hippo Bar, Garema Place, Canberra
When: 5pm-9pm
Drinks are free, tees cost one pineapple.



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