Juxtapoz x Beastie Boys: Album Covers Through The Artist’s Voice

23 May

For their special June 2013 issue, Beastie Boys: A Visual History + Tribute to MCA, Juxtapoz Magazine conducted interviews with the various artists responsible for the design of each Beastie Boys album cover. Through  the experiences and artwork of each artist, the interviews uncover the inside stories of how each album came to fruition and became part of the Beastie Boys legend. The artists who share their story include Cey Adams, Haze, Arabella Field, World B Omes, Glen E Friedman, Ricky Powell, Todd James, Mike Mills, Matteo Pericoli, Bill McMullen, Bruce Davidson, Alex Grey, Kiino Villand, and Sunny Bak. Take a look at the teaser trailer above which includes excerpts from some of the interviews.


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