I, Flaneur

2 Dec


Canberra feels like it’s on a creative cusp at the moment. There is a sense that the city’s street credentials are tilting toward blowing up in a truly massive way and that it is finally ready to step out from the twin shadows of Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra has the three C’s covered: coffee, clothes and creative. I like to think of the three C’s as the triumvirate of indicators that provide a superficial- yet valuable – insight to a city’s buzz. Actually, there’s a good book on the correlation between coffee houses and the level of creativity in a culture. But, I digress. One of the creatives helping to re-energise the Canberra scene is Jessica Cochrane. You may have seen some of her work here. Well, girlfriend has a Tumblr now which chronicles the fashion flavour on Canberra streets, as well as showcasing some of her other side projects. Think of Jessica’s Tumblr as a van with candy…go on. You know you want to see what’s inside.


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