Probably the Greatest Australian Music Video Ever

11 Oct

With their debut track “End of the Earth” Client Liaison have created what is sure to be one of the most played tracks this summer and, hands down, probably the greatest Australian music video. Ever. The only problem is that you may need to be Australian to “get it”. Given their shared appreciation for story telling and dignified belief in an 80s flavoured Australian identity, Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan found themselves writing music together. From the studio to the top end of town, Client Liaison’s sound plays out like a long lunch followed by a round of cocktails. They describe their sonic palate as ‘dance electric’, ‘new jack swing’ and ‘pop ballad’. Personally, I like to describe it as ‘awesome’. International in flavour, cosmopolitan in style – that’s Client Liaison. Below is the music video for the duo’s debut track, “End of The Earth”. It features a roll call of Australiana: Nikki Webster, John Farnham, Ansett, John Howard, Vegemite, Ken Done, Shane Warne, Steve Irwin…the list just goes on!


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