Colin Rich – Nightfall: A time-lapse ode to Los Angeles

28 Aug

As the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles has been captured on film almost more than any other city in the world. In mainstream cinema, audiences are usually confined to superficial glimpses of the city and its familiar locations. Rarely do we get to see the true flavour of Los Angeles or its nocturnal beauty (Michael Mann’s Collateral is a notable exception). Filmmaker, Colin Rich, has gone about changing that with his gorgeous time-lapse ode to the City of Angels, Nightfall, which was filmed at, er, well, you guessed it, nightfall. Now, allow me the liberty of a quick cinematic tangent: when filming his superb 1978 film Days of Heaven, Terrence Malick famously coined the term “magic hour” to describe  the moment when the sun sets and the light is very soft before night falls. To the producers dismay, Malick filmed the majority of Days of Heaven during “magic hour” (cinemaphotographer Nestor Almendros was quick to note that “magic hour” was not, in fact, an hour, but a mere 25 minute window for shooting). Now, this brings me back to Rich. Rich has, rather fittingly, captured Los Angeles as it transitions from day to night – at “magic hour”. As Rich states, “capturing the transition from day to night while looking back at the city as the purple shadow of Earth envelopes the eastern skyline and the warm distant twinkling halogen lights spark to life and give the fading sun a run for her money – this will never grow old or boring to me”. Nightfall is poetic and reminiscent of another time-lapse of a great American city I posted last year, Josh Owens Manhattan in Motion. Rather perfectly, Rich has offset his amazing visuals with M83’s track, “Echoes of Mine.” Take four minutes out of your schedule, turn up your volume and let Nightfall wash over you.


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