A Rehab Kit for Social Media Addicts

1 Aug

In this world of constant connections there has been a lot of debate recently about the detrimental effects of the internet and whether we are creating and encouraging a culture of distraction where we increasingly disconnect from the people and events around us. According to research done by half of the BBH Barn 2012 team—made up of Sarah Chan, Rhys Hillman and Scarlett Montanaro – we look at our phones on average 150 times a day. In an effort to save the art of conversation and to encourage people to re-engage with their friends without the constant presence of a smartphone, the team created a Social Media Rehab Kit. The kit contains Instagram filter glasses, Twitter notecards, Draw Something doodle pads, and ‘Like’ stickers. “Our message is simple: Connect with life outside of your phone. We want to spark real life social interactions and create enough fun and conversation that people don’t feel the need to awkwardly scroll through their Twitter feeds”, BBH Barn 2012 participant Sarah Chan said.

[via Design Taxi]


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