Using Your Smartphone in the Cinema? Don’t!

18 Jul

There has been a long-raging debate on the topic of texting in theatres. Cinephiles are adamantly against the idea of pulling out your smartphone while watching a film, while those people with a severe case of FOMO don’t blink at the idea of in-cinema texting or tweeting. In his latest piece for The Wrap, Chris Davison has suggested one possible compromise between the two sides: segment your audience and designate screenings as either “texting” or “non-texting”.

This suggestion has caught the ire of Tim League, owner of the Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain. He has written an open letter stating why texting should never be allowed in cinemas. His argument breaks down to three points:

1. Texting is rude to the film creators.  It is a slap in the face to every single creative professional who poured their lives into creating the film.
2. The notion that all teenagers and twenty-somethings can’t sit two hours without texting is condescending.
3. Texting is rude to everyone around you.
“The only answer to this debate,” says League, “is taking a hard line.  Texting and talking can not be allowed in movie theatres”.
I concur. Leave the phone in your pocket and save the text or tweet for post film. Or, hey, have the courtesy to get up and type your text in the lobby

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