RADICAL OPENNESS – An Anthem on the Power of Ideas by Jason Silva

27 Jun

Jason Silva is a filmmaker, journalist, futurist and philosopher.  The Atlantic have called his videos “movie trailers for ideas”. He has called them “shots of philosophical espresso”.  Silva is a presenter at TEDGlobal 2012 which kicked off today in Edinburgh. The inspiration for TEDGlobal 2012 is “Radical Openness”. As the world becomes interconnected, the ways we relate and learn about one another (and the rules about what we share) are changing. Inspired by the ideas of TED, Chris Anderson, Richard Dawkins, James Gleick, Matt Ridley, Steven Johnson, Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil and many others, Silva created this gem. See your doctor after viewing, because his enthusiasm for ideas, technology and life is infectious!


2 Responses to “RADICAL OPENNESS – An Anthem on the Power of Ideas by Jason Silva”

  1. CA June 27, 2012 at 7:44 am #

    One step further in a more political direction:
    Y. Rumpala, Knowledge and praxis of networks as a political project, 21st Century Society, Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2009, http://www.scribd.com/doc/85760369/Rumpala-Knowledge-and-Praxis-of-Networks-as-a-Political-Project-21st-Century-Society1


  1. Is Technology Impacting Us Negatively? « Record | Preserve | Share - July 13, 2012

    […] important to take note of arguments that challenge that view. The recent works of people like Jason Silva are more palatable to me because they align with the way I frame modern culture. But taking a step […]

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