A Compromise Between Wall Street & Zuckerberg’s Hoodie Generation: The Hooded Blazer

15 May

At the launch lunch for Facebook’s IPO last week, 27-year old CEO Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie. Blogs and the Wall Street commentariat lost their respective shit. Thankfully, with tongue firmly in cheek (I hope), Karsten Strauss over at Forbes had this to say:

Zuckerberg’s choice of clothing does indeed spotlight a contrast within the world of business and investment and raises the question of how might the formal, buttoned-down world of Wall Street investors connect culturally with a generation of young, brash, entrepreneurs more interested in the future of technology than hand-tailored suits and starched collars? The answer is a compromise: the hooded blazer.

The hoodie/blazer is available via Dutch street apparel retailer, OntFront. To bastardise a lyric from Jay-Z, wear it and you won’t be a businessman – you’ll be the business, man.


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