Jessica Cochrane vs La De Da

30 Apr

A wallflower is commonly defined as a person who has no one to dance with or who feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party. Alcohol is generally a good tonic for such an affliction. Notably, alcohol is served in bars. Which, conveniently, brings me to Canberra-based designer Jessica Cochrane. Jess doesn’t just hang out in bars – she makes them look pretty. In fact, she just finished painting a large piece at Canberra bar, La De Da. Taking roughly 23 hours to produce, Jess was given free reign. And, to completely bastardise the  tagline of the 1988 Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail: when she reigns, she pours. The design is both fierce and warm, with five stylised female figures showcasing flourishes of make-you-look-twice detail (check the boobs, eyelashes and the pout on the lips). Oh yeah, and it plays with the theme of wallflower. Better buy those girls a drink.


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    […] helping to re-energise the Canberra scene is Jessica Cochrane. You may have seen some of her work here. Well, girlfriend has a Tumblr now which chronicles the fashion flavour on Canberra streets, as […]

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