The 2012 World Press Photo Winners

18 Feb

Photo by Samuel Aranda

The international jury of the 55th annual World Press Photo Contest has selected a picture by Samuel Aranda from Spain as the World Press Photo of the Year 2011. The picture shows a woman holding her wounded son in her arms, inside a mosque used as a field hospital by demonstrators against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, during clashes in Sanaa, Yemen on 15 October 2011. Samuel Aranda was working in Yemen on assignment for The New York Times.

The contest draws entries by professional press photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers from across the world, with 5,247 photographers from 124 countries participating this year with 101,254 pictures submitted by the mid-January deadline. A group of 19 internationally recognised professionals in the field of photojournalism and documentary photography convened in Amsterdam from 28 January until 9 February 2012 to judge the entries.

Check out a selection of some of my favourites below:

Photo by Vincent Boisot

A model poses in front of tailor stalls in the center of Dakar, Senegal. She wears the creation of a designer, Yolande Mancini, participating in the 9th edition of Dakar Fashion Week.

Photo by Johnny Haglund

A girl fishes in the Congo River, just outside the city of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She holds the fish in her mouth, a common practice among people there, because the chance of losing it is less than when holding it in her hands.

Photo by Francesco Zizola

A scuba diver near Carloforte, Sardinia, shoots photos of tuna in the local Tonnara, a maze of nets traditionally set to channel tuna into an enclosed space where they are killed.

Photo by Ray McManus

Action from a rugby match between Old Belvedere and Blackrock played in heavy rain in Dublin, Ireland.



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