Say Goodbye to the DSLR?

6 Jan

If you’re in to photography you may remember the excitement we all felt when the Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR was released. Now soon to be released is the new Nikon D4. But, one guy that’s not that excited is Trey Ratcliff.

Ratcliff runs the excellent travel photography blog, Stuck in Customs. He recently ran a thoughtful piece on the new wave of 3rd Gen cameras on their way to market. 3rd Gen cameras, as Ratcliff defines them, are “the new line of cameras that don’t use the 20th century technology of a mechanical mirror inside that flips up and down between photos.”

Ratcliff’s article, titled DSLRs are a dying breed – 3rd Gen cameras are the future, reads like well-measured 3rd Gen enthusiasts manifesto and is enough to make you question whether you need that new lens you were shopping for:

I’m not going to buy any more DLSR bodies or lenses. I’m waiting on the descendants of this first phase of 3rd Gen Cameras. Even though you can make a good case for great cameras like the Sony A77, the new lines of Nikons, Panasonics, etc etc — I want to wait for a few more iterations — but I won’t be waiting long.

3rd Gen Cameras are the clear future category for digital photography. Objectively, these cameras have more advantages than disadvantages.

While I’m certainly not going to be throwing out my DSLR anytime soon, this is food for thought and, moreover, indicative of the wave of technological change coming our way.


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