Erin Forsyth for La De Da

11 Dec

Erin Forsyth of Method & Manners, New Zealand, recently flew across the pond to Canberra, Australia to design the wall at the city’s newest place to be, La De Da. Method & Manners is a creative space on Queens Street in Auckland set up by Erin and her sister Leah where graphic designers, oil painters, illustrators, fashion designers and even sculptors now inhabit their own studio spaces. Erin nicknamed the wall at La De Da “Snakebite” or “Guacamole Snake”. The names, of course, evoke the Mexican cantina vibe of the design. Having hit the launch party at La De Da on Saturday, I can tell you, it’s well worth the vist – for the wall and the beverage menu!

[via Erin Forsyth]


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    […] she makes them look pretty. In fact, she just finished painting a large piece at Canberra bar, La De Da. Taking roughly 23 hours to produce, Jess was given free reign. And, to completely bastardise the […]

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