Photographs of Girlfriends Bathed in Morning Light: Australia Says No

18 Nov

Just while I’m on the topic of photography, Vice Magazine is now running a regular feature in which they ascend into an ivory tower to deign which photographic clichés should be banished from the internet forever. My favourite from the series so far: photos of girlfriends bathed in light. I’m with Vice mag. Seriously, enough already. I love women, I love naked women, I love women in the morning. But I’m sick of seeing the same staged photos of that combination! As Vice says:

Let’s face it here, guys, you’re not “sharing a beautiful intimate visual moment” with us, nor are you “portraying a transcendental image of love and freedom through the medium of analogue photography.” You’re just parading your sickening, youthful excitement about getting laid in front of our jaded and bitter eyes.


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