On The Brink – Networked Society

8 Nov

In this new era, technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share knowledge in whole new ways – creating a dynamic shift in mindset. People are empowered, business is liberated and society is more connected than ever. Ericsson has released a great mini-documentary that explores some of the many implications and directions of a connected world, including health, industry structure, how we socialise, and far more. On The Brink discusses the past, present and future of connectivity with a mix of people including David Rowan, chief editor of Wired UK; Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; and Eric Wahlforss, the co-founder of Soundcloud. Each of the interviewees discusses the emerging opportunities being enabled by technology as we enter the Networked Society. Concepts such as borderless opportunities and creativity, new open business models, and today’s ‘dumb society’ are brought up and discussed. This is a great initiative and well worth a watch:

[via Ross Dawson]


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