The Most Quirky Anti-Drink Driving Commercial You Are Likely To Ever See

28 Oct

The New Zealand Transport Agency have released one of the most interesting and quirky anti drink-driving advertisements I’ve ever seen. The strategy and creative behind it is so counter-intuitive and clever, it just beguiles me. Time will tell whether the strategy is effective. Drink-driving remains a serious problem in both Australia and New Zealand. In the hope of stopping the behaviour among young adults (males in particular), authorities and their respective ad agencies have traditionally taken the shock-tactic approach: showing graphic footage of alcohol-fuelled car accidents and the ensuing carnage and emotional impact on the family, friends and loved ones of those involved. The effectiveness of these campaigns has been questionable. When crafting their new anti-drink driving campaign, “Legend”, New Zealand Transport Authority knew the following:

  • Young drivers make up a large part of all drink-driving crashes. Over 40% of all drink-driving crashes involve drunk drivers under the age of 24 years. In all fatal or serious injury-related crashes in 2008-2010:
  • 82% of the drinking drivers in those crashes are male
  • 34% of all drinking drivers in those crashes, and 38% of the young drivers, are Maori
  • one in five (19%) of all drinking drivers in crashes are aged 15-19, another 24% are 20-24

In order to reach this key demographic and convey the anti-drink driving message, the NZTA television commercial uses humour to encourage young males to take some responsibility and speak up about drink driving. The delivery, execution and creative is so quirky and deadpan, it’s as if the creators of Flight of The Conchords produced a public service announcement. Great stuff! Watch it out below:


One Response to “The Most Quirky Anti-Drink Driving Commercial You Are Likely To Ever See”

  1. Amanda October 30, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    The MAFMAD competition usually comes out with a brilliant one each year – I’m sure you’ve seen most of them. While the ‘Everybody Hurts’ TAC ads are moving and heart-wrenching, I definitely think that the humorous ones are better received by people my age.

    This one has got to be the best I’ve seen –

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