The Rum Diary – Trailer

29 Aug

Finally! After flirting with the passion project for close to a decade, Johnny Depp is on screen again playing another character created by the good Doctor, Mr Hunter S. Thompson. The Rum Diary was Thompson’s second novel and written in the 1960s. It was not released, however, until 1998. The film adaptation process began in 2000 and was troubled by script re-writes. The Rum Diary is Thompson’s The Sun Also Rises. Set in the late 1950s, it tells the story of New York journalist Paul Kemp who jumps a plane to San Juan, Puerto Rico to work at a local newspaper. Kemp ends up drinking and mingling with the local characters and takes a series of meandering tropical misadventures with the woman he lusts after – and her boyfriend. Directed by Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I), the trailer makes it look like some new plot elements have been added to the original story (probably to assist the troubled adaptation get to screen). Fear, loathing, sun, booze and Gonzo? Yes please!


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