Slow Motion Brooklyn

17 Aug

“I remain Chi-town” raps Kanye on the track “Gotta Have It” off the newly released Watch the Throne. Jay-Z immediately follows-up with the line “Brooklyn ’til I die”. Jay’s delivery is less rap and more a statement of fact. As a listener, you’re in little doubt as to where the Hov’s allegiance lies. As a borough, Brooklyn inspires pride in its residents. Not so surprising, given Brooklyn’s official motto is Eendraght Maeckt Maght. Written in Dutch, it is inspired by the motto of the United Dutch Provinces and translated means “Unity makes strength”. The guys at Next Level Pictures have created an ode to one of New York’s most recognised boroughs, complete with slow-motion footage captured using a Phantom Flex camera capable of shooting up to 2,564fps. All footage was shot during an 8 hour period in a single summer day in Brooklyn. You can almost smell the heat off the street.

[via PSFK]


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