“Drive” – Extended Clip

23 May

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the past week has seen the annual Cannes film festival take place. And, as reported by Andrew O’Hehir for Salon,  it’s an LA heist movie that has peeps talking:

Take an immensely skillful young European director with a worldwide cult following, a hot young North American actor with considerable cultural cachet and a classic Los Angeles heist-gone-wrong story that recalls both Roger Corman’s B-movie aesthetic and the glossy Hollywood spectacles of Michael Mann. You probably know already whether that’s a movie you’d line up around the block to see or one you’d pay to avoid, but either way it’s called “Drive,” it stars Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling (of “Half Nelson” and “Blue Valentine”) and it was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (whose career ranges from the insane medieval fantasy “Valhalla Rising” to the campy, stylized prison film “Bronson”).

Ultra-violent and ultra-stylish, “Drive” stands out in this year’s Cannes competition for its calculated, hard-edged brilliance. It’s frankly commercial and sneakily artistic, in a way no other film I’ve seen in this festival is. It could be a big international hit — Americans will get to see it in September — or it could become one of those genre-geek fetish objects that doesn’t quite connect with a mass audience. It’s been the talk of the town since its Thursday night premiere…

Here’s an extended clip:

Well, I’m sold.


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