New York

12 May

 West 88th Street, Upper West Side, where I stayed.

Hey guys, my apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, I took advantage of the great Aussie dollar and jumped a plane State-side to New York for a holiday and to visit friends. It was my first time on the East Coast. New York lived up to (and exceeded) all expectation. After a long and cold winter, Spring had sprung and the city was coming alive – it was inspirational. I can now say that I am au fait with New York’s geographic shorthand: Soho (south of Houston), Tribeca (triangle below Canal) and the FiDi (Financial District). Out of all the cities I have had the pleasure of visiting, New York is my favourite (you can scope some pics I took in this post). I want to get back there. And fast! But, it doesn’t seem like you missed me too much: while away, Record | Preserve | Share experienced it’s busiest day since it’s inception with over 21,000 visitors in a single day. Thanks for all your support. Enough out of me – back to blogging.

Central Park in Spring

View from Brooklyn Bridge

NYC by cab

From above


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