Life and Times – Jay-Z’s New Lifestyle Site

6 Apr

Rapper / Mogul Jazy-Z has now dipped his toe into the editorial field. Amongst the long list of titles his business card would no doubt already hold, he can now call himself editorial director and lead curartor of Life and Times. Life and Times is a lifestyle site which focuses on music, style, art & design and gadgetry. Yeah, yeah, I know, it pretty much sounds like every other blog/culture site out there, right? But it’s not so much the site that matters, rather, it is the fact that Jay-Z has made this play. You can see this as a half-veiled attempt by Jay’s publicist to associate him with all things “hip” and “relevant”. Or you can see it as a natural brand extension for a guy that already permeates so much of our popular culture. Either way, Life and Times and slick. I’ve already added it to favourites.


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