Shinichi Maruyama

23 Dec

Shinichi Maruyama is a water sculptor and uses nothing more than his bare hands and some water glasses to bring his creations to life. Given the impermanent nature of Maruyama’s sculptures, he uses a Phase One P45 camera and a Broncolor Strobe to capture their fleeting poetry. It’s the unexpected beauty of the images / sculptures that entices Maruyama. As he says: “no matter how many times I repeat the same process of throwing it in the air, I never achieve the same result. And I am so fascinated by this unexpected interaction of liquids colliding, which happens fairly infrequently, that I am overwhelmed by its beauty.” Scope out Maruyama’s liquid poetry in pictures and video below.

Maruyama also uses ink and paint to similar effect:

[via Co.Design]


One Response to “Shinichi Maruyama”

  1. Lena Krieger January 14, 2011 at 2:33 am #

    Calligraphy is Kunst, calligraphy is an art. It was the mutual agreement I reached with a nice German lady with whom I admired a set of beautifully handwritten letters that introduced an exhibit on Pre-Raphaellites in Berlin. Shinici Maruyama fuses this age-old form of art with modern Photography. Results speak for themselves. More info here: and here

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