Which Aussie Actor Should Play Julian Assange in the Inevtiable Hollywood Adaptation of the WikiLeaks Drama?

10 Dec

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, Julian Assange (L: Max Vadukul, T Magazine. R: Carmen Valino, Guardian)

The WikiLeaks scandal has all the ingredients of a Hollywood thriller (there are even reports of a James Bond-like WikiLeaks lair!). No doubt, some big studio has a bunch of monkeys working around the clock on an early treatment of the still unfolding saga. Below are my tips for who should play WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, Julian Assange in the inevitable Hollywood movie. Feel free to add your own actor suggestions in the comments section…

1. Richard Roxburgh: having already played a number of real life Australian figures (Roger Rogerson, Bob Hawke), Roxburgh has the credentials – and haircut – to play the role to perfection.

2. Hugo Weaving: No Australian actor could play creepy genius / vulnerable idealist better than Weaving.

3. Guy Pearce: Pearce is a camelion – he doesn’t so much perform a role as inhabit it. I could see him doing an intense character study of Assange.

Now, someone get Paul Greengrass on the phone to direct and we got a movie…


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