The Pallet Adirondack Chair

7 Dec

I want this chair! Atlanta-based designer, Shelton Davis, “repurposes” old wooden shipping pallets, creating unique chairs with a rustic vibe. The design for the pallet Adirondack chair came about when Davis tackled a neighbourhood problem from an industrial design perspective:

When the designer noticed a rash of overturned shopping carts in his neighborhood, he quickly sorted out what was going on. Folks were using these upside-down carts as bus stop seating, since so many intown bus stops don’t have benches.

Davis wanted to come up with a sustainable solution to help combat the problem, and the pallet Adirondack chair was born. His plan is to develop and market a how-to guide to accompany a kit for building the chair, then market the kit and use part of the profits to develop a program for creating similar seating for things like bus stop benches around the city.

Scope out the promo vid below:

[via PSFK]


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