Carlton Draught “Slow Mo” – An Aussie Beer Ad Shot in Slow Motion

27 Aug

I normally associate the use of slow motion photography with sport or John Woo movies – not the pub. But, the latest campaign for Australian beer brand Carlton Draught has done us all a cultural service and married the two: beer and slow-mo. In glorious detail, we get to see guys doing what guys do when they get together at their local. Directed by Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films for Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the campaign was shot using two Photron SA1 SD high speed cameras, which can shoot anywhere between the normal 25 frames per second and an incredible 9000 frames per second. The scenes in Carlton Draught ‘Slow Mo’ were shot at speeds between 500 and 9000 frames per second, giving them a beautiful (and hilarious) detail – such as a peanut flying out of a guy’s mouth, or the reverberations of an ample backside dropping on to a bar stool. Pubs and Puccini: it doesn’t get any better.

And in case you want to sing along, these are the lyrics:

Slow motion.
Men in slow motion.
Men look much better in slow motion.
It makes me want to sing quite loud.
Now, now, I want a Carlton Draught, chips and lasagne.
Men in slow mo…
In slow mo…
Slow motion.
Blah blah blah…
Slow motion.

For a refresher, here’s a look at some of Carlton Draught’s previous ads from the “Made from Beer” campaign:


One Response to “Carlton Draught “Slow Mo” – An Aussie Beer Ad Shot in Slow Motion”


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