Tomorrow We Vote

20 Aug

As Tom Cowrie wrote in Crikey this morning, “This is it. One day remaining. The candidates have made their pitches. They’ve told us what they stand for. We’re on the precipice, it’s time to dive into the pool of democracy. Let’s just hope the water is deep enough.”

Here’s a selection from today’s election commentary. Don’t forget to vote!

“Bring on the “who do you hate” election. It’s hard to remember an election which is driven by such negative motives and arguments.” – Dennis Atkins in The Courier-Mail.

“If you’ve been following the media’s coverage of this election, you’ll be aware of the laments about how shallow and spin-driven it all is. But there are real differences between the policy platforms of the two major parties who can form a government after Saturday. Let’s examine some of them.” – Ben Eltham in The Drum.

“A substantial number of voters don’t think the Government deserves to be returned but they think even less of Tony Abbott’s Coalition alternative.” – Malcom Farr in The Daily Telegraph.

“Tony Abbott’s biggest battle is always the fight deep within himself. The Liberal leader was always going to approach the election witching hour fighting his own frailties; this last big theatrical joust is his destiny somehow.” – Katharine Murphy in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Julia Gillard draws attention to her positive agenda and contrasts it with Tony Abbott’s negative stance of cancelling out Labor’s mistakes, but it’s not quite enough. There is a missing ingredient in her pitch, and yesterday she tried to address it. You can spell it two ways. In plain English, it’s trust. In Australian political parlance, it’s state Labor, specifically NSW and Queensland.” – Peter Hartcher in the Sydney Morning Herald.


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