The Greens: A factional balance

19 Aug

As Australian’s gets ready to vote on August 21, some within the commentariat are predicting the Greens will increase from their present five Senate seats to as many as nine, most likely giving the party a pivotal say on the nation’s legislation. The Australian‘s Tasmanian correspondent, Matthew Denholm, had an insightful piece on the state of Australia’s fastest-growing party:

The factional balance within the Greens is not just a curiosity, it will be critical to the party’s attitude to legislation in the Senate. [Greens leader Bob] Brown and the party’s moderates are far more likely to be flexible in negotiation than its hard Left.

The Greens are still emerging as a national force, gaining strength in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, and growing pains are natural. Unlike Labor, there are not yet formal factions.

Read more here.


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