Inception – Love It or Hate It

11 Aug

Inception. Love it or hate it – it’s part of the pop-cultural conversation. Personally, I loved it (even watched it twice!). My favourite interpretation of the film comes from Bilge Ebiri in New York Magazine:

Inception’s titular concept is the placement of an idea into a character’s subconscious — a notion that the film presents as being more or less unprecedented. And the plot mostly concerns the efforts of our heroes, led by master dream extractor Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) to somehow convince Fischer (Cillian Murphy), the heir to a major energy titan, to split up his father’s empire, without realizing that the idea came from them. But since this is a Christopher Nolan movie, we’re not convinced it’s all that simple; the director’s films almost always turn in on themselves. We think there might be another inception going on in Inception.

Read Ebiri’s full article here.

The plot of the contemporary sci-fi actioner has also inspired some pretty cool infographics. Love it or hate it, take your pick from the infographics below!

[via Dehas]

[via fastcodesign]


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