Reconciliation Australia – Let’s Finish What We Started

15 Jun

It’s been 10 years since more than 300,000 people crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in support of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. There’s been a lot of talk, and an official apology. Now it’s time to turn words into actions. Reconciliation Australia are calling on all Australians to register their support for reconciliation at The new TVC for the campaign (by Droga5) shows a cast of famous Australians – including Jack Thompson, Ernie Dingo, Andrew Denton, Wendell Sailor, George Negus and Johnathan Thurston – whose eyes interchange with each other’s in celebration of our similarities and differences.


At the website, Australians are encouraged to register their support and re-connect with their fellow countrymen, by naming “one Australian thing they can’t live without”. Answers will then be matched to similar responses using data analytics, and mapped graphically to provide tangible evidence of how much we share as a community. ‘UnfinishedOz’ also invites Australians to get involved in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in small or large ways via cultural awareness and education programs, mentoring and volunteering. Watch the TVC spot above and go and visit


3 Responses to “Reconciliation Australia – Let’s Finish What We Started”

  1. Kate Ballard June 17, 2010 at 8:23 am #

    My husband Gene and I have always told our children we live in the best country in the world because we have Australians from every nation in the world, that bring with them so much culture and diversity to share with us. We have, as a family always believed that Australia owed the aborigional decendants of the past elders and people who where wronged, a huge apology for the wrong doing of our white ancestors. People or every colour and race are Australian if they choose to live here and share this beautiful country of “ours”. People of all colours, need to stop discrimating against those that are different, and learn to “live as one” people.

  2. Tina Michell June 20, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    I agree all people of all colours need to stop discriminating against those that are different.
    For all those who believe its only the whites who treated the Indigenous in Australia with utter contempt you need to read ‘Wyndham Yella Fella’ where you will find vivid detail of how the Afghan cameleers across the northern part of Australia in the late 1800’s through to the 1900’s treated the aboriginals. None of this history is included in Museum Victoria’s Latest Exhibition on Australia’s Muslim Cameleers.
    It is the recognition by all of us, as to what has been imposed on the Indigenous of Australia that makes us question our past, move forward and not repeat the past.
    Reginald Birch is the writer of the book mentioned, it gave me a great history lesson. To meet him was inspiring.

  3. Rebecca Johnson July 20, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    I believe all the missions should be closed down,while the goverment has the control over aborigionals things wont change.We should allow all people to make there own decisions in life and be free to choose there own paths.Aboriginals are awesome,funny,talented and have the ability to do anyting they choose.

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