Vice Magazine – The Bret Easton Ellis Interview

12 May

Vice Magazine has an exclusive  interview with one of my favourite authors, Bret Easton Ellis. His post-modern, first-person, present-tense, stream-of-consciousness narrative structure is always a trip to read. I’m ultra excited for his new book, Imperial Bedrooms. It follows the infamous teenagers from his debut novel, Less Than Zero, into an even more desperate middle age.

Next month, Ellis’s new novel, Imperial Bedrooms, will be released. It is, as you may have heard, a sequel of sorts to Less Than Zero. Its narrator is Clay, and most of the main characters from the original book (Julian, Blair, Rip, Trent) reappear. But Imperial Bedrooms is no mere sequel. It’s more a culmination of all of Ellis’s work up to now. Does it continue the story of the passive, clueless Clay in scary, shimmery Los Angeles? Yes. But it also detours into the scatological violence of American Psycho and the otherworldly terror of Lunar Park. As a follow-up to Less Than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms is more of a nauseated reaction than a loving continuation. And boy, does Ellis deliver here. Imperial Bedrooms is darker than Less Than Zero and more full of dread and horror. I’ve read it three times through now, and though I know I love it, I still can’t figure out exactly what I think of it. But I’m certain that it’s important and I’m certain that you should read it.

Read the full interview here.


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