“Fauxhemian” is the new “Hipster”

30 Mar

The kids at Gawker recently ran a comp to find a replacement word for “hipster”. From a potential list of 20, five words were shortlisted. Scope them below:

Plus: Was the most popular option, winning 25% of the vote. Sounds pretty.
Minus: Does it really describe hipsters, in particular? Also: Due to our nominal “douche” ban, we might have to enforce its use only in shortened “Schwazzie” form.

Plus: Really rolls off the tongue (sexxxily).
Minus: Is it mean enough?

Plus: Cleverly references PBR.
Minus: Takes extraordinarily exact pronunciation to distinguish it from a more all-purpose slur.

Probos (professional hobos)
Plus: Pithy; easy to say; might actually catch on.
Minus: What percentage of hipsters are professionals?

Plus: Deliciously zingy.
Minus: Might offend sluts.

And the winner? Fauxhemian.


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