What if Shakespeare Wrote The Big Lebowski?

12 Jan

So, while other people spent a weekend watching Avatar 3D,  Adam Bertocci spent it on his computer writing a Shakespearean adaptation of the Coen Brothers cult classic, The Big Lebowski. When first hearing about this project the question that popped into my head was, “Why?” But, hey, who am I to question creative genius? The whole process took Bertocci approximately three weeks and he posted it to the interweb on Wednesday 6 January. It went went viral pretty much straight away. And for good reason – it is freaking hilarious. In the “Shakespearean” version, the character we know and love as the “The Dude” is known as “The Knave” and is prone to saying such things as: “Weep not for grief of my own sustaining, sir. At least I am house-broken, none to break the houses of others.”

To read Adam Bertocci’s Shakespearean version of The Big Lebowski, go here. It’s a trip!

[via I Watch Stuff]


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