Kathryn Bigelow

18 Aug

Hands down, Point Break is one of the best action movies, since, like, ever! It was directed by one of the most underrated directors in Hollywood today, Kathryn Bigelow. Ms Bigelow has a new movie coming out called The Hurt Locker (trailer above) and the Times Online recently posted a great profile on her:

Bigelow is a Hollywood anomaly. Most obviously, of course, as a female director in a town that discourages them, she’s one of an endangered species. What makes her really interesting and unusual, however, is that she has spurned the romcoms and other chick-flicks that remain the only preserve of so many female American directors. Bigelow has macheted her own path through the Hollywood jungle, making intense, stylised action thrillers such as Near Dark, her early cult vampire thriller; Blue Steel, in which Jamie Lee Curtis played a tough rookie cop; Point Break; Strange Days, with Ralph Fiennes, a disturbing millennial crime thriller; and 2002’s K-19: The Widowmaker, about the crew of a malfunctioning nuclear submarine. As The New York Times noted: “No one will ever say she directs like a girl.”

Read the full profile here.


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