Book Club

5 Mar


When I think of book clubs I tend to get an image of 40-somethings sitting around a fire in ugly jumpers expressing their opinions on the latest suggested title from Oprah.  But, thanks to local Canberra designers Simon Gibson and Sergio Bodulovic, that image is about to change. Book Club is a new clothing label featuring jeans, sweatshirts and shirts. Importantly, all of the product is Australian made – even the fabrics are knitted in Australia. The designs are minimalist and structured – but it’s the cut of the clothes which really differentiates Book Club from the rest of the crowd – especially in the case of their jeans.

Simon and Serge have spent the last year sussing out the fashion industry, trying to figure out the best way to go about completing their range – sometimes with outcomes far from ideal. But, the hard work has paid off and the Book Club look is original and fresh. Each piece in the range is, rather fittingly, named after a famous author. My particular favourite? The Steinbeck jeans – for those times you want to look like an inner-city Tom Joad. They are, quite simply, dope. Check out the gallery below to view some of the range and see more at the Book Club website.

For those of you in Canberra, the lads will be launching Book Club next week at local retailer iTrip i Skip. The party will double as a sale with special prices for punters. Visit an ATM beforehand though, because sales will be cash only.

Date: Friday, 13 March 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Itrip Iskip
Street: 30 Lonsdale St Braddon, Canberra.


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